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Gallery 211

Crinkled blonde hair and the perfect garter set. I look amazing in pink and to top it off I'm wearing nylons. Who could resist? Certainly not you!

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Gallery 219

Again with the sexy crinkled hair, but this time with a red hot corset! I do mean red HOT, all the way to my luscious lips. I bet you would love to find this on your bed!

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Gallery 243

This certainly is a show stopping gallery. A hot pink feather boa, silver sparkly pasties, and a matching C-thong. Only my perfect lady bits are covered in this set.

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Gallery 282

A more relaxed looked on the bed, but I'm sporting my long, sexy red nails! I bet you long for these nails to scratch down your back!

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Gallery 286

Here I start out in a cute skirt outfit, but quickly strip down to a irresistible bra and thong set. Don't mind me while I look amazing in your dining room!

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Gallery 290

It's quite the view looking up at me, isn't it? No man can resist my luscious bubble butt!