Sherri Chanel's Wishlist

Have you ever wanted to send me a gift, but just didn't know what to get. Well with my wishlist you will see outfits that I would love to wear for my website along with other items that would make a good birthday, holiday, or I was just thinking of you gift.

When you purchase something all you have to do is email me at and tell me what you purchased. Once it arrives I'll do a gallery with the outfit that you purchased and as a thank you I will send you a 4 x 6 autograph print of my choice or you can get 3 digital images sent to your email. If you send an item I can't wear, I will send you a personal thank you and you will receive a few digital images with the item.

When emailing you MUST include: * What you purchased. * If you want a signed 4x6 or digital images. *Your address or email address you wish to receive your thank you.

All items must be sent straight from the manufacturer!

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